Types of Braces

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Types of Braces

Traditional braces:  Traditional braces consist of a bracket that is affixed to the outside of your teeth and will be visible to your friends and family. These can be made of metal or ceramic, and if you want to have fun with your braces, colored bands of your choosing can be applied. These braces can be used to treat all types of crowding and incorrect bites.

Invisalign: Invisalign consists of a series of clear retainers that can be removed during eating and cleaning. Having a removable option can be an advantage to some however these appliances work best when only minor tooth movements are required.

Incognito: If your treatment is more complicated and you don't want the “train track” look of braces, then hidden (inside) braces may be the better treatment option for you. These are completely customizable braces that are fitted to the back of your teeth. Your friends and family will know that your smile is changing, but no one will be able to see your braces .... unless of course you show them!

Find out about Incognito at hiddenbraces.com, follow our patient's in treatment blog, and watch an interview on: 

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Watch the video below for a brief overview of braces types.


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