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Invisible aligners vs. hidden braces


More and more adults are looking to have straigher and healthier smiles.

With this increased interest, there has come a push to provide more hidden or invisible appliances to move teeth.

Two broad categories of hidden or invisible appliances exist:

1) Clear removable aligners ("retainers"),

2) Lingual (behind the teeth) braces.

The most popular type of clear aligner is called Invisalign.  It works by providing you with a series of clear, snug fitting retainers to be worn during the day and night.  Each successive aligner has additional tooth movements built into them.

 The most popular type of behind the teeth braces are called Incognito.  Incognito works just like traditional braces. They are made up of brackets (think handles on your teeth) and wires.

But remember ..... both types of appliances are just tools to move your teeth. They do not determine your treatment plan!

For example, one is not better than the other for preventing extractions.  

Unfortunately, there is not one perfect appliance that will meet everyone's needs.

If you want something that you do not have to remove, consider traditional braces or Incognito (click for more details).

If you want something that you can take in and out to clean your teeth, then Invisalign could be a good option for you (click for more details).







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