Colours ... Colours ... Colours!

Dec 26

“Can I have colours?” This is one of the first questions that we hear from children that attend our office for the first time.

Children want to know about the choices for colours that they can have with their braces. Then, they want to know if they can chew gum!

The colours do serve a purpose.

Your braces are made of 3 components. You have the bracket that is glued to the tooth (think of this as a tooth handle). Then there is the arch wire that goes into the bracket. To keep the arch wire in the bracket you need an elastic or metal tie. The elastic tie is the “colour” that shows up on the teeth.

As you’ve probably guessed, there are multiple colours and colour combinations that can be created. A far cry from the boring stainless steel look (train tracks) that us older folk had when we were children.


Our practice has moved to more clear aesthetic brackets that blend in well with your teeth. However, the arch wire is still metal (at the moment).

Should you choose not to have colours (as some of our adults elect) you can have clear elastics placed.

However, if you’re excited to “dress-up” your teeth and have fun with your braces, the colours really pop-out with our new clear braces.

Check out some of the cool colour combinations that you can be created (colour your smile).


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