No More Goopy Impression!

Jul 28

No more goopy impressions!

Like everything these days, advances in technology are making our lives easier. Orthodontics is no exception.

For proper diagnosis and treatment planning, your orthodontist measures models of your teeth and special x-rays.

The models of your teeth are traditionally made from alginate impressions. These typically feel like cold mash potatoes in your mouth!

The taste can be disguised with flavouring and it’s a process that takes less than a minute to complete. The overall experience is often better than expected.

However, now we can capture a digital image of your teeth!

We use a special scanner called iTero, that can take multiple pictures of your teeth and stitch them together to generate 3D models.

Measurements can now be made on a computer and models can be generated (thanks to 3D printing) if required.

If you’ve been avoiding braces because of your fear of the impressions (and gaggging), this may be the solution you’ve been waiting for!


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