Braces off! Jordan's final post

Mar 03

Freedom!  After a few delays, such as my car not starting in the -30C cold we've had this winter, I've made it!

The night before the braces came off, I stood in front of the mirror threading the floss through my braces.  I thought to myself, this will be the last night I have to do this!

Yes! I've learned through friends, that had the "classic" in-front-of-teeth braces, that the maintenance required on braces whether they're in front or behind are about equal. Sure, this might be true, but don't let anyone tell you it's easy!

I've learned throughout these appointments that proper care can mean the difference between a normal appointment, or an appointment where your mouth becomes a mess like a Discovery episode of Shark Week. Lesson Learned: Floss every day.  

The next day I arrived at my appointment with everyone in all smiles as the whole office knew this is my big day! Braces free after two years!   The appointment started off normal and, with anticipation building, the time came to remove my braces. I heard a *pop* and everyone froze.  The tool broke! Tesseyman's team didn't panic though, they're more than equipped to handle the unexpected and rather than calling it a day, they improvised and within a few minutes I was free!

No really, what takes an hour to put on, and two years to adjust, came off in minutes!  

With it off I jump out of the chair and race to the mirror to brush and floss now that I could see all around my teeth again. Oh this is going to save me 10 minutes on every day now!

Even Dr. Tesseyman was joking about my increased productivity now that I was free.

Tesseyman's team kept asking "How does it feel?" My tongue was so used to avoiding that space of my mouth I forgot to check!

It's hard to describe the new feeling unless you've been there. The best analogy I have is when you have braces on, regardless of the style you choose, you learn not to run your tongue along it or it feels like your tongue is running along a cheese grater.

With the braces off, it runs along as smooth as an ice cream scoop through soft ice cream.

Oh the freedom! Early on, the orthodontist shows you pictures of what your teeth can look like if you drink pop and don't care for your teeth.

Tesseyman's Queen of Incognito, Paula, let me know if you do drink something high in sugar, to rinse with water soon after. I took to adopting a strategy of rinsing out a pop can after consumption and filling it back up with water to at least drink equal amounts. Plus, swishing water around in your mouth and spitting it out at work can be a bit awkward. This brings me to the highlight of this special day for me.

After two years of wearing the braces I'd grown used to them, I just wanted to know I hadn't damaged my teeth from my love of pop a few times a week. Tesseyman took a look himself and confirmed, there were no problems!‎ I did it! Stain-free, straightened teeth!

As I was preparing to leave, Paula, Queen of Incognito, presented me with a gift. I'd tell you what was inside, but I'll have to let you experience the handiwork of Tesseyman's Team to find out yourself!

After the appointment I noticed orange juice was on sale for a 500mL size so I thought I'd chug one of those before work. Gone in 20 seconds! So much quicker than I was used to drinking. I forgot that incognito braces also offered a creative solution to portion control. I'll need to watch how much I eat or drink now with all this freedom.‎  

Later that day I'm at work high-fiving people that knew what I was doing that morning and others not in the loop asked me what was going on. I explained my braces were off! These out-of-the-loopers all said the same thing "you had braces on?"‎ I can't be disappointed with that response, this was the point of choosing the Incognito braces!

All they see is a smile. A barrier-free smile. ‎

A few pointers from a guy that's been through it:

Go to each appointment on time, a missed appointment means they can't correct something quickly if a tooth is moving in the wrong direction!

As mentioned earlier, make that extra effort for maintenance or bleeding gums become a regular thing. Bleeding gums can be cured though! Just ‎be consistent and thorough with flossing (yes, even if it hurts for the first while) - ‎If you drink anything high in sugar, follow-up with an equal serving in water.

Get a mouth wash. Do a bit of reading on consumer reviews to choose the best one for you. A mouth wash is a final 30 second rinse that can clear away some of the bit of food and germs that the toothbrush couldn't entirely sweep away. With all that hardware in there, it's easy to miss something!

Be a walking supporter‎ of Incognito braces. Keeping my mouth clean throughout a day was a MUST for me as I loved pointing inside my mouth when I was offered gum and saying "Can't, I'm wearing braces" Everyone reacts with the same shock and confusion. 

Try it out! Incognito is the best way to straighten teeth and if you get on it early, you can have them on and off within a few months! Give Tesseyman a call and get moving towards a smile you'll love.


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