Adult orthodontics: A Team Approach

Jul 27

At our practice we are seeing an increasing number of adult patients interesting in improving on the appearance of their smile.

At first glance, it might appear that it's just a couple of teeth that look turned or twisted.

I often have patients point and express "It's this tooth that bothers me the most."

On closer examination of "that tooth," it's often not only out of position, but worn or chipped.

The wear on the teeth is often masked by the misalignment of the tooth. However, once these teeth become straight again, the often shortness of these teeth becomes quit obvious.

However, it might not just be the enamel on your teeth that has been lost. Some teeth have lost surrounding gingival (gum) tissue.

The appearance and position of the surrounding gingival tissues are very important for the appearance of your smile.

That's why during our treatment planning phase for our adult patients, it's important to discuss possible restorative (rebuilding of teeth) options and the health of the surrounding periodontal tissues (gum tissues).

Prior to engaging in your orthodontic treatment, additional consults with other specialists may be required.

Prosthodontists, are dental specialists that restore badly worn teeth.

Periodontists, are dental specialists that preserve or restore gum tissue.

It's great that more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment. Our adult patients turn out to be some of our best and favourite patients (we don't have to bug them to brush their teeth!).

Straightening your teeth may just be one step in having the smile that you deserve.

It often takes a team approach to get the best and healthiest smile.

The following photos represent a recent patient at our practice.  He was interesting in closing the spaces.  As you can see he also had significantly worn his front teeth.

Prior to removing our patients Incognito braces, the position of the anterior teeth was confirmed with his dentist.  Any adjustments that needed to be done could be accomplished with the braces.

The braces have been removed and the teeth have been restored.


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