Putting your braces on is easy .. just ask us!

Mar 17

Wow … that was easy!

It's quite common that our friends and family constantly want to give us advice (good or bad!). With information available at the click of a mouse even complete strangers are eager to pass on their personal experiences.

However, more often than not, we tend to hear more of the bad versus the good experiences.

Just recently we placed our Incognito braces (hidden braces) on a patient.

Her response following this was "Wow .. that wasn't a big deal at all. I was told I was going to be in a lot of pain. I was worried all last night."

As you guessed, her expectations were based on conversations with friends who had orthodontic treatment many years ago.

The truth is, having your braces placed is relatively uneventful, even boring!

With both traditional braces and hidden braces we need to prepare the tooth enamel in order for the adhesive (glue) to stick onto the teeth.

This usually involves cleaning and drying the teeth. At most our patients get their "second shower" of the day. And since it doesn't hurt … NO NEEDLES!

With our Incognito braces, all the braces go on at the same time.

The time to place the braces is considerably less. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the procedure.

This doesn't mean that your mouth is open for the whole time. There are multiple breaks.

The majority of the time you're having a conversation with us, it's a great time to get to know our patients! However, for a brief 3-4 minutes while the adhesive is setting we won't ask you about your plans for the week-end.

We make our best efforts to prepare our patients before their bonding procedure, however, sometimes it's impossible to avoid listening to our friends and family.

If you're worried about having your braces places, don't loose sleep over it.

Call or email your orthodontist and ask them directly. You'll be happy that you did .. and don't forget to pass on how easy it was!


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