Patient Experience: Male perspective

Sep 30

Well these chains were certainly nothing to be afraid of.  It's a rubbery string that fastens along the gap in my teeth. 

I find two benefits to these. 

The first is it causes a dramatic shift in my teeth. This is excellent because the wire going across the gap, from my extractions, can bend slightly when chewing a piece of meat for example.

The pressure down on it makes it move a small amount and then your tongue has to adjust to less space. 

With these gaps closing I'm able to bite into things without reservation and I didn't have to hold myself back from enjoying an apple after a 5k run. 

The second benefit is as it's rubber-like it cushions this wire and now making faces with my two year old nephew is easy to do and pain-free!

This is my favourite part of the process so far.

The payoff is great and very visible, I haven't needed the wax in months!

I feel like I just got home and then it's time to head back to Doctor Tesseyman's again! 


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