I grind my teeth! Can braces fix this?

Jul 11

During normal function (chewing, speaking, swallowing) the enamel on our teeth is very resistant to wear.

However, when enamel is continually rubbed against enamel (as when we grind our upper teeth against our lower teeth) we can begin to see wear.







The grinding that can produce this wear typically occurs at night while you are sleeping.

Some patients will notice a soreness of their jaws in the morning. Others, may not experience any symptoms (especially if they are chronic grinders).

Unfortunately, enamel does not grow back.

We can prevent increased loss of tooth structure with a night time appliance. A piece of plastic between the teeth can help in most cases. These appliances have been referred to as "night guards" or "splints."

Once the grinding has been addressed. You may begin to consider restoring the lost tooth structure. Unfortunately in some cases, the treatment is not as simple as it may seem.

The most common complaint is a shortening of the front upper teeth. To restore these teeth, you need room to place the restorations. In a lot of cases, the upper and lower teeth are too tight together.


The space to restore your teeth can come from removing more tooth structure of by repositioning the teeth.

This is when your dentist or prosthodontist may suggest that you see an orthodontist.

We can help to move your teeth and provide the necessary space to re-build the lost enamel.

To answer the original question. Can braces fix my grinding?

In most cases the answer is no (especially if the cause is stress). However, braces can aid in restoring the lost tooth structure that results from grinding.


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