Patient Experience: Male perspective

May 18

At my last appointment in March, a bit more maintenance and shaping was advised with my lower teeth before we can begin chaining my gap from the extractions.

However look at that smile!!

The photo with today's blog update is from an 8k race in Elmira, Ontario (Photo Credit: Shoot The Thrill). 

After posting this picture on my Facebook my other running friends have dubbed me the Ridiculously Photogenic Runner. 

I have never in my life received such a compliment from my smile!

Just a year into this process, I feel as though the payoff is already significantly greater than the initial discomfort. 

If I had traditional braces over the front of my teeth I'd still be waiting for the payoff!

Coming up this month, I have a concert with my choir (Broadway Singers of London) at the Wolf Theatre in London.  I've been chosen to do a quick, John Travolta-like, dance with another choir member to the Grease favourite "You're the one that I want". 

Considering the well timed ego-boost my friends have given me from that race photo, I have more confidence going into this role. 

This confidence wouldn't be there if it weren't for Tesseyman's Team and their work with Incognito braces.

Fun Fact: Customer Service workers (like myself) are 2-4 times more likely to miss work due to oral health issues than other young professionals. Stay healthy!


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