Patient Experience: Week 7

Jul 26

This is the 10th in a series of blog posts detailing my experience as I go through the process of having my teeth straightened with Incognito braces.

This week felt like a normal week. 

With a one week adjustment phase, I was on soft foods for only about 4 days last week and now, there isn't a lot of foods I'm avoiding.  

I received a handy pamphlet from Dr. Tesseyman which I finally decided to read through and admire the hideous pictures that can arise if you don't take care of your teeth properly. 

Knowing that my pictures are being posted on the internet you can imagine how extensively I'm working on cleaning these teeth every night.  No pressure Jordan, keep smiling! 

In truth, I'm back to such a normal routine that nothing stood out this week except I again forgot to keep using Gushy-Goo. 

After a week with the wire on I started to relax a bit with this composition and boy, that was a mistake.  

Even the brackets along the top, which had always left me alone when I first got them on, were now irritating my tongue. 

I feel like the general rule of thumb should be "If they've worked inside of you, use the Gushy-Goo". 

Oh! Before I close this week's chapter, one worthwhile moment did happen this week. 

On Friday, I went to New York to visit a sister who I haven't seen for 4 months and even though the wires JUST got on my teeth she says she notices a big difference! 

I feel so much better about my experience knowing that Tesseyman's work is making a difference, and it's happening quickly.


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