Patient Experience: Week 3

Jun 05

This is the seventh in a series of blog posts detailing my experience as I go through the process of having my teeth straightened with Incognito

Life is simple again.

My work is back to a normal task of small talk about Hockey while I wait for the computer system to load.  

I competed in a 5k and 8k race this weekend in Cambridge and a few people there were wearing adult braces.  

I ask them how long they've had them and when I show them mine their jaws drop.  

The reaction is always the same "I couldn't even tell you're wearing them!" Playing along is fun. "Really? Thanks! Maybe its cuz I dont have the wires in yet." 

My only concern about this process now is the extractions coming Monday.  

Eating all those meats again was fun for the last two weeks, stay tuned for a return of smoothies!


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