Patient experience: Week 2

May 29

This is the sixth in a series of blog posts detailing my experience as I go through the process of having my teeth straightened with Incognito

Guess what?!?! No more tongue aches!  

People that don't see me regularly, can tell there is a change in my articulation but overall the adjustment phase is complete!  

Early on this week I'd have gishy-goo fall off (like it does when eating) and I can continue my work fielding customer inquiries all day with no pains!  

If someone's in need of tylenol I'm no longer the one dishing it out.  

In week 1, I was googling pain remedies and soft dinner ideas.  In week 2, I'm googling how to clean brackets after chomping through an orange.  

Chewing has made a return in my meal-time arsenal and there aren't any limits on what I can and can't eat!  Though, to be safe I'm staying clear of almonds.  

One week to go till the extractions!


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