Patient Experience: Day 8 (1 week with Incognito)

May 14

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts detailing my experience as I go through the process of having my teeth fitted with Incognito braces.

We've completed Week 1 and this week's three stars are: Gishy-Goo, Advil, and Smoothies.  

I called my mother today for the first time since Day 1 and she was shocked at how much my speech had improved!  

The lisp, which my girlfriend has thoroughly enjoyed, is almost completely gone!  

Chewing my meals today was a lot easier than it's been since we began, I was a bit ambitious though in going for a Smartie McFlurry.  Those little pieces of candy aren't easy to pick out of brackets.  

I am also back singing whenever I can as I have mastered the delicate art of applying Gishy-Goo.  

From what I've read, they say the first two weeks are the most difficult with Incognito braces.  

I'm confident the worst is behind me and it went by faster than I expected!  

My biggest concerns for the next few months are the tooth extractions, and when they add the wires, as my mouth is currently only adjusting to the brackets.  

My best tip for users is to keep busy.  You can't dwell on discomfort if there isn't time to.


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