Patient Experience: Week 8

Aug 22

This is the 11th in a series of blog posts detailing my experience as I go through the process of having my teeth straightened with Incognito.


I practice a few words when driving or when there's a slow period at work. 

"Racing sixteen miles with washed shoes." "Thank you for calling Tesseyman's office." I love how easy these words are tumbling out of my mouth now! 

It's a very rewarding moment to be speaking without any obstacles. 

This last week I enjoyed a steak dinner (the wire hid a piece of meat until I was flossing) and again more family members were talking about the improvements on my teeth. 

My brother even said "All I could think about all meal long was 'It's neat how much his teeth have moved already'" 

These type of compliments only make me smile more so if you're considering Incognito, moments like this make the difficult days worth enduring!


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