How to help prevent white marks on your teeth

Jul 31

Our team at Tesseyman Orthodontics knows that there are many ways you can protect your pearly whites from cavities, gingivitis and white marks on your teeth throughout your orthodontic treatment.

If you follow the rules and brush your teeth twice a day, floss often, and protect your appliances from damage, you should have a successful treatment and nothing but white teeth once your braces are removed.  

Let's talk about hidden sugars that can damage the enamel on the teeth leaving permanent white marks after treatment.  

Did you know there is 14 tsp of sugar in a can of coke, 12 tsp in a bottle of Gatorade and a whopping 18 tsp in a 8 oz glass of orange juice?  

Sometimes these are the foods we don't often think about when we connect the sugar we eat to the softening of enamel (white spots) or cavities.  

So next time your thirsty after a fun game of soccer or if you’re just plain thirsty, consider reaching for a water to quench your thirst.  Your teeth will thank you!


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