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Our practice is dedicated to providing the best in orthodontic care and customer service. Each of our team members has over 10 years of experience in an orthodontic practice. To evaluate the health of your teeth and jaws, we use the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools available. We offer the latest in orthodontic appliances, from ceramic braces to fully customized hidden braces.

Jul 28

No More Goopy Impression!

No more goopy impressions! Like everything these days, advances in technology are making our lives easier. … Read More

Mar 03

Braces off! Jordan's final post

Freedom!  After a few delays, such as my car not starting in the -30C cold we've had this winter, I've made… Read More

Dec 24

Replacing Missing Teeth

Now that you realize missing teeth are not the end of the world.  What are your treatment options? For missing… Read More